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New Clients

New clients who are interested in services are encouraged to schedule a free 10-minute video consultation.  The consultation provides an opportunity for you to learn more about services offered as well as ask any questions you may have to see if we would be a good fit.  New clients are able to schedule the free 10-minute video consultation or an initial intake appointment by using the scheduler below.

Difference between consulation and initial intake appointment:



The 10-minute video consultation serves as a brief introduction, allowing both the therapist and client to gauge compatibility and briefly discuss concerns. It offers a preliminary assessment of needs and goals.

New Client Initial Intake Appointment -

A new client initial intake appointment is a comprehensive session designed to delve deeper into your background, history, and current mental health concerns. It involves gathering detailed information about your current symptoms and personal history, as well as identifying treatment goals to develop a tailored treatment plan. Unlike the brief nature of the video consultation, the intake appointment lays the foundation for the therapeutic relationship and provides a more thorough understanding of your needs.

Returning Clients

To schedule, reschedule or cancel your appointment, please log into the client portal.


Dr. Caren Cooper, LPC-S, PMH-C, NCC

Owner/Clinical Therapist


Tel.#: 346-347-3266

Ms. Crystal Taylor, LPC, NCC

Clinical Therapist


Tel.#: 346-347-3874

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