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Goal Getters Accountability Course

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Setting goals is one thing, but completing them is a whole other ballgame! Through this step-by-step course and accompanying workbook, you will be able to create 'SMART Goals', develop 'Motivational Tools' and learn how to implement 'Productive Action Plans' to help you achieve your goals.

Participants of this course will also have access to a private Facebook Group that provides more support and motivation with goal setting and achievement.


This course is valued at $80 but is being offered right now for an introductory rate of $39.99! 

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What's Included?

In my best 'Whodini' rendition: "Goals, how many of us have them?  Goals, ones that we can achieve?" (I hope you sang that in tune with the original 'Friends' song, lol).

Ok serious moment now, how many times have you gotten excited about starting certain goals, only to lose motivation and traction halfway while working on them? How many goals do you have written out on random pieces of paper, in random notebooks that are collecting dust on a shelf or in a box somewhere around your home?

If neither of those scenarios apply to you, then HIGH-FIVE, you are an awesome 'goal getter' already. However, if you felt like those scenarios above are situations you are familiar with, don't worry there is no judgement here, just a great opportunity for you to learn, grow, dust off those notebooks and start achieving your goals.

The Goal Getters Accountability Course is a quick, easy step-by-step guided course that outlines several skills that are helpful with achieving personal goals.  In this course you will learn how to:

  • Develop SMART goals

  • Create Goal Oriented Priorities

  • Identify a Strong Circle of Support

  • Implement Effective Actions Plan

And as an added bonus, you gain an accountability coach/partner - me!

You will also gain access to a private Facebook group where you are able to network with other 'goal getters' and continue receiving tips and tricks on how to achieve goals that you have set for yourself.

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An Add-On Bonus (for those who have taken the course and want a little more accountability)

Even after following the steps outlined in the Goal Getters course, you may still find yourself running into hurdles or barriers while working towards your goals.  This is why I am offering consultation services in which you are able to connect with me during 30-minute video sessions so that we can process, problem solve and create effective resolutions for any issues that may arise. You will also be able to complete a weekly check-in via email during your consultation period.

Consultation Services *only for individuals who have completed the Goal Getters Accountability Course*

Two 30-minute video sessions (twice in 1-month) -  additional $50 

     (Weekly check-in via email for the entire month)

Four 30-minute video sessions (four in 2-months) - additional $100

     (Weekly check-in via email for the entire two months)

*costs for consultation is not included in the ecourse price*


Questions?  Want more information?

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